Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today I had noodle again for lunch.

I didn't finish my thesis yet.I 'm so lazy to write its.I have difficulty with vocabulary and expression.sth to explain or give comment to the graphs.

My oldest sister came to chat with me, but we cann't use voice chat only writing. She looked lazy to write and didn't enjoy today chatting well.Sure even me, I have problem with my right arm, I feel paint when i put it on the desk. Is it because of lacking exercise??I don't know. It became worst day by day. Cuz of this paint, I can't speed up writing thesis as expecting.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I was step on 2 times

On the way to school, I was stepped on 2 times. While I was walking out of SEIBU line, my right shoe was step on. After I transfered to CHUO line toward KICHIJOJI to change train to MEIDAIMAE. Then, I went down stairs and sudently was step on again.Why? It is because I walk slowly or my careless.(~;;~)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is a lyrics of NADASOSO.My favorite song.
  古いアルバムめくり ありがとうってつぶやいた
  いつもいつも胸の中 励ましてくれる人よ
  晴れ渡る日も 雨の日も 浮かぶあの笑顔
  おもかげ探して よみがえる日は 涙(ナダ)そうそう

  一番星に祈る それが私のくせになり
  夕暮れに見上げる空 心いっぱいあなた探す
  悲しみにも 喜びにも 想うあの笑顔
  見えたら きっといつか 会えると信じ 生きてゆく
  晴れ渡る日も 雨の日も 浮かぶあの笑顔
  さみしくて 恋しくて 君への想い 涙そうそう
  会いたくて 会いたくて 君への想い 涙そうそう

Wet Hair

Last night,I took a shower late so my hair was a little bit wet and went to sleep.
This morning, after getting up, I looked at the mirror and saw my hair was disheveled and curly is because I didn't dry my hair last night was a bad habit that I have problem related to my hair is during combing,it comes off more and more?Specially during shampooing.How to save it!!

@@This is another talk about a Japanese female singer. She got married for 3 years. Even she's busy with her recording or appoitment or sth else, she must go home and take dinner with her husband. Why? Because,She need to communicate with her husband to understand each other. Missunderstanding may cause a problem till divorce.Her husband is the first man whom she falled in love and got married. They love each other for 13 years before the marriage. @@How romantic they are !!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Writing thesis

From the morning I was staying in front of Computer table wrinting paper.
As the experimental result was not the one expected,It's really hard to orgonize the structure with the conclusion.It rests only 3days until the deadline.Oh,my god!! Rush!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Today,It's snowing.It's cold and quiet ,the ground is white.How beautiful it is.
I had an interview to publish in Kodaira International Friendship Association News in April.They asked me about my life in Cambodia & Japan such as birth place,study process,Cambodian meal,tourism,my future ,my dream,Cam&Japan's difference....
Japanese best actor ,actress,favorite food,message to japanese people.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Missed but safe

This morning ,I missed 34mn train but took 48mn and arrived at Uni. at 10:40,so it was safe,I wasn't late.Then,I attended a VLSI setting course.I was there but my mind was flying outside.I am not interested at all.

Sth related to research:
Today I just collected experimental results of Alpha learning with Momentum parameterse for both whole data and Classified data then plotted the graphs.
Prof. talked about my research,He asked again about the packet type and their percentage whether they correspond to the table in Gupta's paper or not.I didn't match that ,so I wasn't able to answer.This may make him think of my shortcoming.I must be ready to answer all.Unfortunately,I'm not.

In my Uni. there have a CENTA SHIKEN on Saturday and Sunday. The UEC teachers started preparing for the exam since friday afternoon. It seems calm and cold.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Today I feel complicated of my research.I'm trying to control my mind , be cold and concentrate on writing paper.
I really don't understand what he 's thinking of me.I will reply back what he think of me and what am i.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cloudy Day

Today,It 's cloudy and quite cold cuz of no sunshine.
I had the same menu as yesterday for breakfast and gonna to take lunch at cantine.
I start to write the structure of my research papers,yesterday Prof. accepted my Experimental result ,so i step to other process.The deadline comes soon(31th).It rests only 10 days.
Today I think much of my family and missed them so much.I always worry of my younger sister & parent(^..^)
I checked the Camera and IPOD NANO,I like Canon or Casio one.Casio has 7 functions ,bad holding.Canon has nearly the same function as my old Camera but the battery power is short.(I don't know how to express that word in English cuz i recently get used in Japanese,Only Japanese words are in my mind.Very bad factor for me.I'm really going to the unexpected way).My english becomes poor.I have to turn my mind back and be flexible to devide my language talent and knowledge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

weak in coldness

Today,it's so cold with strong wind.No globe and winter hat make me feel frozen.I must check weather broadcast before leaving.Yesterday,I had a little bit shock of the weather.When i left my room and walked for a moment,it was raining so i had to go back and take umbrella.This made me miss the train and had to wait 30mn til next train coming and i spent nearly 1h40mn to reach my University.
Today i got up late.I had a slice of bread and Cambodia sausage with milk coffee.I like this menu so much and take it almost every day.
I always listen to FM80(Tokyo FM) during my self-preparation.Today SHIBATA(Radio DJ) talks about Earthquake 's emagency ,the way to escape and the preparation with earthquake.It make me to remember and be ready with earthquake well.As we don`t know when it will be happen.That is the problem(^:^).